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In addition to contacting our office, below you will find reference material to support your viewing imaging requirements.

dolphinlogo_indeximageFor Dolphin Support:

Click Here to: Download Dolphin’s Free Viewer

Below you will find detailed information from Dolphin’s website regarding the free downloadable viewer:

The Dolphin Viewer “ is a free, and freely-distributable, stand-alone Dolphin patient viewing program. While it can be installed on a computer that has Dolphin installed, it is designed primarily to be installed on a computer that does not have Dolphin software installed, such as specialists who do not own any Dolphin products.

This viewer is a much smaller and simpler program than Dolphin Imaging. It does not require Microsoft SQL server. It does not maintain a patient list. It simply allows the user to open a Dolphin patient archive file pair (.DAZ / .ZIP) from a paying Dolphin customer, and view the data contained in that patient record. This utility allows viewing patient images, tracings, measurement tables, 3D data, movies, etc. This viewer should be especially useful for referral doctors.

Once installed on a referral’s computer, a Dolphin customer can work-up a case, archive | save a patient record, and supply the resulting .DAZ / .ZIP file pair to the referral doctor, who can then view the patient record using this viewer.”

Dolphin. “Dolphin Imaging Viewer.” Dolphin Imaging. Patterson Dental Supply, n/a. Web. 2016. <>

For Carestream Support:sitecore-media_library-images-shared-carestream_logo

Your 3D digital packages & DICOM CBCT’s will include a CD that contains a version of the CS 3D Imaging software application that you may run from the CD and install on your computer to view the 3D volume.

Learn how to use and install the CS 3D Imaging software application by following these short how-to guides. Select the link below to bring you to a PDF step-by-step guide on how-to properly open a volume on the CD, install the application, and open & view your 3D volume.

CS 3D Imaging: PDF How-to Guide/Use & Install the Exported CD

For further questions regarding the Carestream 3D Imagining Software, please contact our office at 714-538-8300 or email us at