Surgical Orthodontic treatment planning requires a personalized comprehensive evaluation. 3D imaging makes this possible and is recognized as one of the most valuable diagnostic tools available today. It allows the doctor to identify concealed alignment and structural issues for optimal treatment results.

At OC Scan Oral-Facial Imaging we offer comprehensive orthodontic or orthognathic reports and ultra-high resolution digital 3D imaging.

  • Our 3D digital imaging package includes: 
    • 3D CBCT Scan & Survey 
    • 3D Frontal Head View 
    • 3D Airway & Symmetry Views
    • Right  & Left Lateral Head Views 
    • Cross Sections (Axial Inclination of Teeth & Thickness of Facial Bone)
    • TMJ Frontal & Lateral Tomograms
    • Panoramic X-Ray
    • Right Lateral Cephalometric X-Ray 
    • Cephalometric X-Ray Tracing/Analysis
    • Photo Series 

The following additional studies are also available upon request: Asymmetric Images, Frontal A-P Cephalometric X-Ray. Our 3D digital packages include updated and current versions of Dolphin Imaging, 3-Shape, Anatomage, Simplant Pro, and Carestream. In addition, we offer optical scanning of your casts for integration with materialize orthognathic surgery planning packages. Contact us to learn more about our 3D airway reports.

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