OC Scan Oral-Facial Imaging uses advanced cone beam volumetric tomography (CBCT/CT) to produce revolutionary 3D images that can display concealed anatomy and confirm if adequate bone is available to support implants. Nerves, sinus cavities and crucial anatomy can be located and measured for unparalleled treatment planning.

At OC Scan Oral-Facial Imaging we offer comprehensive implant planning reports and ultra-high resolution digital 3D imaging for focused areas, single or dual arches. 

Field of Views


Focused View 5x5cm


Single Arch  View 10x5cm


Dual Arch View 10x10cm

  • Our 3D digital imaging package includes:
    • 3D CBCT Scan & Survey
    • 1mm/2mm Slices of Area(s) of Interest (To Confirm Thickness Of Bone Level)
    • Cross Sections (Axial Inclination Of Teeth & Thickness Of Facial Bone)
    • Digital Integration of Surgical Guide/Stent (If Provided By The Doctor)
    • Photo Series

Tracings of the inferior alveolar canal are available upon request. Our 3D digital packages include updated and current versions of Dolphin Imaging, 3-Shape, Anatomage, Simplant Pro, and Carestream. In addition, we offer optical scanning of your casts for integration with NobelClinician and SimPlant. Contact us to learn more about our 3D airway reports.

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