At OC Scan Oral-Facial Imaging we are dedicated to providing the highest quality imagery and service. We are open Monday through Friday and have a Certified Dental Laboratory X-Ray Technician on staff to answer your questions and generate your reports.

cs-9300_dental-xray_orange_150x180Our office features the Carestream 9300 system enhanced with 2D and 3D cephalometric capabilities. This variable field system allows for full field views for orthodontic and orthognathic imaging, as well as arch specific or site-specific views for implant planning. We can also provide focused field endodontic imaging at ultra-high resolution. This state-of-the-art 3D technology will help doctors diagnose potential issues more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence.


Our software packages include updated and current versions of Dolphin Imaging, 3-Shape, Anatomage, Simplant Pro, and Carestream. In addition, we offer optical scanning of your casts for integration with NobelClinician, SimPlant, or Materialize orthognathic surgery planning packages. Inquire about our 3D airway reports. Most importantly, we endeavor to customize our services to meet your specific needs with our courteous well-trained staff in our high-tech facility.

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